HDR projects 7 Professional

Spectacular HDR photos in no time

HDR projects 7 professional creates perfectly exposed HDR images with unimaginable contrast and detail in a flash.

Turn simple snapshots into real "eye-catchers" in just a few steps.


HDR projects 7 Professional: a powerful tool

Spectacular HDR photos in no time

HDR illuminates your photos unlike any other technique. You can now achieve the desired result even easier and faster: The new Ultra HDR mode Highlight Boost and the revised color reproduction option get even more out of your images. Best results in the shortest possible time!

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Enlarge photos with perfect sharpness. Retain the finest details up to poster size!

PhotoZoom enlarges images perfectly – everything remains sharp, nothing becomes blurry, even at huge levels of magnification.


Optimize, defragment and monitor your SSDs and conventional hard disk drives

Ignite the hard disk drive turbo. Make your hard disk drives faster and more secure with FreshDrive.


Crop objects and exchange backgrounds in a flash

Do you want to remove distracting backgrounds from photos or crop an object in a photo? It will take you hours to do it manually. CutOut delivers better cropping in seconds.

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